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Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite Used For Reducing Agent

Brand : Xiang Sante

Product origin : Hunan

Delivery time : 7-15days

Supply capacity : 50000T/Year

Classification:sulfphateType:Sodium sulfiteCAS NO.:7757-83-7
Commodity name: sodium sulphite anhydrousChemical Formula:Na2SO3EINECS NO.:231-821-4
Other names:sodium sulphite anhydrousMF:Na2SO3Purity:96% 97%98% min
Place of Origin:Hunan,China(Mainland)Grade Standard:

Food Grade

Industrial Grade

Brand Name:Xiang Sante
Appearance:White ,monoclinic crystal or powderApplication:Industry Grade, Food Grade, Mol wt:126.04
Color:White  HS Code:2832100000

Specification of Sodium sulfite anhydrous for Industry Grade and Food Grade:
ItemQuality Index
Industry GradeFood Grade
Purity ( As Na2SO3)96.0% min98.0% min
Sodium sulphate ( SO4)2.0% max1.2% max
Chlorides ( As NaCL)0.5% max0.08% max
Arsenic ( As )-0.0002% max
Heavy metals ( As Pb )-0.0005% max
Iron (Fe)0.005% max0.003% max
Water insoluble0.05% max0.01% max

Physical Character】:White, monoclinic crystal or powder.Its alkaline aqueous solution, the PH of about 9 ~ 9.5, at 40 ℃, the highest solubility is about 37.4 g / 100 g water, into sodium sulfate, in contact with air oxidation in high temperature is decomposed into sodium sulphide, ratio of 2.633 (15.4 ℃), refractive index of 1.565.

Application】:As in commercial concrete water reducing agent, used as a reducing agent and the inhibitor in mineral processing industry (inhibits sphalerite and pyrite), printing and dyeing industry as deoxidizer and bleach, used for all kinds of cotton fabric scouring, can prevent the partial oxidation of cotton fiber, fiber strength.The photosensitive industry is used as a developer, and the organic industry is used as reducing agent for the production of diphenylenediamine and amino salicylic acid.Textile industry is used as artificial fiber stabilizer.Also used in papermaking, electronic, water treatment and other industries.


Package】:25Kgs/Plastic woven bags;1000kgs/Bag or as requested.


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